Art Massage London is a professional massage agency in London, with over 7 years´ experience specializing in both erotic and tantric massage. We exact a very high standard from all of our massage therapists and are confident that you won´t find a better massage in the city. All of our erotic masseuses in London and male masseurs are hand-picked and fully trained by Gerard Ribó, a well-known Tantric Master from Barcelona, Spain. We guarantee you infinite pleasure and total satisfaction with each and every one of our luxury massage services.

Check out our erotic masseuses in London

At Art Massage London, all of our therapists are experts in the art of tantric and erotic massage and have completed both our erotic massage training and Tantra professionalization courses. They also undergo continuous training in the art of Tantra, so they are constantly evolving, both as individuals and as professionals. Amongst other aspects, they learn tantric postures and how to channel sexual energy, the right techniques for body-to-body massage and how to use every one of our senses to stimulate the body´s erogenous zones. Tantra has myriad ways to give you pleasure, both your body and your mind, and our sensual masseuses and male masseurs in London can transport you to heights of ecstasy that you have never known. We offer Lingam or Yoni massages (male and female genital massage) at the end of all of our tantric massages, the choice is yours.

Meet Our Tantra Masseuses

Art Massage London agency offers you the following services:

  • Personalized services with qualified professionals
  • 24-hour online reservation service so that you can book your massage when you want
  • A range of sensual and erotic massages so that you can try out a variety of experiences
  • A highly trained team of erotic masseuses and male masseurs to choose from
  • The choice of having your tantric massage at your home, in your hotel room or at our centre
  • Carte blanche to live out your own fantasies with our professional masseuses and masseurs
  • The chance to take our courses in Tantra and Erotic Massage
  • Exclusive VIP deals for special customers with additional services
  • The option of booking private Tantra Parties

In our team we have both novice and more veteran tantric masseuses, who have gained a world of experience over the last 7 years at our agency. We divide them into three different levels: Initiated, Advanced and Devis, but all of our masseuses have completed their basic and specialized training with Tantric Master Gerard Ribó. As you will see, even our masseuses at the Initiated level already provide top quality service.

Tantra Massage – Erotic Massage for Couples

Our pursuit of excellence in the art of Tantra massage sets us apart from other agencies. Nothing is overlooked and we take great care to make sure that your experience goes perfectly, down to the very last detail. We also carry out a strict selection process and an extensive ongoing training programme in order to build a strong team of tantric and erotic masseuses and masseurs.

During the selection process, we take all of the following aspect into consideration:

  • Physical appearance: all candidates must be attractive and well-presented, with a healthy physique and sense of style.
  • Healthy lifestyle: our professionals lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of themselves inside and out, staying fit and striving to evolve on a personal and professional level.
  • Well-mannered: all our masseuses are courteous, polite and punctual and will treat you impeccably and with absolute discretion for outcall massages in London.
  • Sensuality: we choose young sensual women to heighten your experience and sensitivity. Our masseuse will make your body tingle with delight as she runs her hands and body over yours.
  • Meditation: we train our professionals to meditate and empty their minds, as this helps them to concentrate and remain present at all times. As a result, they are totally dedicated to you during your session and connected with each and every sensation that you feel.
  • Mindset: last, but not least, we consider the mindset of all candidates towards their work and to life itself. Only masseuses with the right attitude and work ethic, who work and train hard, can become experts in their field and master the secret arts of Tantra.

Art Massage London – Male Masseurs

Following the selection process, we ask our masseuses to develop and hone their skills by attending our Tantra training courses, before they can join the Art Massage London team.

It goes without saying that we also select all of our male masseurs based on the same criteria: sensuality, good looks, temperament and professional attitude. They also follow a full training programme to guarantee the quality of each massage session, whether it be for a woman, a man or a couple. For a truly unforgettable experience, you can also book two massage therapists at the same time – an erotic masseuse and a male masseur – for you, or to share with your partner.

·        Try an outcall massage at your home or hotel room in London with one of our sensual masseuses.

·        Book one of our Tantric Massage Courses where you will be taught by both our most experienced therapists and renowned Tantric Master Gerard Ribó. We offer courses for individuals, couples and groups.

·        Enquire about the private Tantric parties that we hold regularly. Just contact us with any questions you may have.

* It is important to remember that our massage therapists are not escorts. None of our massage sessions include any kind of sexual intercourse or oral sex and clients are not permitted to touch the masseuse´s or male masseur’s genitals. We thank you for respecting this at all times.


You can book massages for men, massages for women or couples massage with our expert tantric and erotic masseuses. Book your incall or outcall massage in London any time, 24h a day.


Our male masseurs are skilled in the art of erotic massage for women, massage for men and couples massage. Just contact us to book one of our team of handsome, sexy, empathetic and talented male masseurs.


Come and visit our centre in London, or we can visit you in your home or hotel room, where you can enjoy your erotic massage in the comfort and convenience of your own surroundings. Just choose your favourite dish from our menu of specialities.

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