Welcome to our section of frequent questions which has been compiled with some of the questions that have just arrived. We wait they help you to solve all those doubts which can arise, and if it is necessary you can count with any of our methods of contact where will gladly solve all your doubts.

Good morning, I’m interested in your erotic massages and I have a doubt: how can I have sex during the massage session? I will thank your answer. Peter

Thanks for your interest, Peter. We are delighted that you are writing to us and so we can answer your enquiry. Our erotic masseuses are specialised in the art of the massage, so you could enjoy any kind of erotic massage you want, and even you could ejaculate, but in any case it can’t be performed explicit sex or oral sex. We wait for you! Art Massage Team.

Hello, my name is Michelle and I have a question about your erotic massages, are they only for men?

Thanks for your question, Michelle. You can be relaxed as the massages we perform can be enjoyed by both men and women. And even, if you can, you could go accompanied by your couple to enjoy a unique joined experience with female and male masseurs in LondonArt Massage London Team.

I’m interesting in receiving one of your erotic masseuses in my hotel room; it is possible to ask this kind of service? David.

Hello, David, I’m delighted to answer to you. Yes, of course, we will go to all the hotels of the city and the surroundings so that you could enjoy any of our outcall massages with much more privacy and comfort. We will be available for you during the 24 hours a day. Art Massage Team.

Hi, I have a doubt about your massage services in hotel, the question is, and should I pay some extra cost in the case of receiving the masseuse in my hotel room? Robert

Hello, Robert. Thank you very much for your interest in our tantra massage. It must be said that after the 11 pm, the rate of the taxi is not included in the price of the asked service, so if you want to enjoy one of our massages after that time you will have to pay the cost of the taxi to be able to enjoy the service in your hotel room. I wait that your doubt has been answered. Art Massage Team.

Hello, I’m Irma, and I’m interested in a yoni massage, how can I book your massages? Thanks.

Hello Irma. I’m delighted to answer to you. You have several ways of contact that appear in our webpage to book the massage. It must be pointed that the telephone calls will only be answered from 10 am to 12 pm. We are waiting for your visit and that you come out very satisfied. Art Massage Team.